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Chemika covers various fields of study, namely:
Academische Bachelor Biochemie en Biotechnologie
Master Biochemie en biotechnologie
Academische Bachelor Chemie
Master Chemie + Master of Chemistry

These fields of study are represented in the 'permanent education committee'or POC. Would you like a certain topic about your field of study to be discussed at a meeting? Let us know for sure!

Chemika's Student Representatives

POC Biochemie

President: Prof. K. Geuten

StuVers ’20 – ’21:
Camille Wuyts
Marie Van Dijck
Siene Swinnen
Kakra Nimako
Elke Wanten
Emma Wijers
Casper Ombelets

POC Chemie

President: Prof M. Smet

StuVers ’20 – ’21:
Linde Achten
Tom Grisez
Robbe Slaets
Pieter De Hauw
Sam Purnal
Jones Roekens
Toon Van Roy

Student representation:
3 different levels!

Per field of study, there is a 'permanent education committee'. It includes professors, assistants, PhD students and of course students like us. The POC covers topics such as the bachelor's or master thesis, our various subjects, feedback on practicals... and much more! They meet about 5 times per academic year.

OOR is the acronym for the umbrella education council. In this council, students sit down to represent the interests of the exact sciences. Every fortnight, an open meeting is held on topics and points of view that are important to our faculty, called the OOR consultation.

The student council of KU Leuven (STURA) takes care of educational representation at university level. It consists of a mix of students from all disciplines that you can study at KU Leuven. Topics such as changes to the 'Education and Examination Regulations', internationalisation, diversity... STURA's general meeting takes place every two weeks on Friday evenings.