Welcome future Chemist or Biochemist!

Student Association Chemika welcomes you to Leuven. To allow a quick integration for first year students, we organise an annual midweek. For every student at our departement of the KULeuven. These three days are comparable to a weekend of the youth movement where we will do a lot of fun activities so no moment of boredom can be present! You can meet you fellow students, get to know your representatives, ... So you won't be allone on your first day in Leuven!

Traditionally, this midweek is in the week before the start of the academic year!Be sure to keep an eye on our Facebook-page for the event and don't hesitate to mail to Miek@chemika.be for any furthur information or questions about the midweek. Hope to see you there!

Down below you can download our flyer. Be sure to also check the facebook event..

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